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                  Professional Heat Pump Manufacturer Since 2005
                  Featured Products
                  In Israel,air source heat pumps are installed for supplying hot water.
                  In Romania,air to water heat pump is installed for domestic hot water and heating room.
                  In South Africa, series of 10P air source heat pumps are installed on a building roof for hot water supply.
                  In Switzerland EVI low ambient heat pump is installed for providing hot water adn heating room.
                  Project in Jordan for Hotel supplying hot water
                  Project in Taiwan for supplying hot water,heating and cooling.
                  Who we are
                    Foshan Meidibao Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. has been a manufacturer professionally specialized in research,development and production of Heat Pumps since 2005. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction.

                    Meidibao manufactures diverse types of bespoke and regular Heat Pump including air to water heat pumps,EVI low-temperature,DC inverter,high temperature,ground source and swimming pool heat pumps,which have been pass through qualified certificate such as CE,CCC,CQC etc.Moreover,Meidibao has received the accredited certification of ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,etc.
                    As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service,we have gained a global sales network reaching Taiwan, Europe, South Africa, Isreal, Jordan etc.
                  Meidibao Was Established
                  Square Meter Factory Area
                  Years of Heat Pump Experience
                  Business Covering Countries&Region
                  Our Factory
                    With a strong R&D center and production line, we are constantly specialized in producing and supplying air source heat pump, water/ground source heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, high temp. heat pump and EVI technology low temp. heat pump.
                    All the products are developed and produced in the benchmark of CE, CCC,CQC certificates .

                    With dedicated professional members in engineering, production, management and marketing team, we are sincerely willing to cooperate with you from the beginning to the end. Our service covers from project consultation, product design, sampling, production to quality control, technical support, after sales service and other important functions.
                  Latest News
                  Meidibao participates in ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL 2019 HVAC&R Exposition

                  Istanbul, Turkey, 2 Oct. 2019 --Meidibao is attending the famous Turkey professional exhibition ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL with DC inverter Swimming Pool, Split type and Ground source Heat Pumps Series.

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